How will Chelsea cope with their transfer ban?

Chelsea’s transfer ban is a serious blow to the club, which is now left with only two options:
1. To buy the necessary players from other clubs, but this will be extremely difficult.
2. To sell the players, but the cost of this is high.
3. To keep the players and hope for the right opportunity to buy them in the future.
The latter option is the most likely one, because the club has a long bench and many players can be bought at any time.
However, the club will have to wait for a long time before it can even consider this. The players have been banned for two years, and the club is unlikely to be able to buy the players in the next transfer window.
Chelsea transfers in the last season
In the last transfer season, Chelsea’ transfer ban was quite successful. The team managed to get the necessary number of players to improve the position of the team in the standings.
Of course, the main transfer of the season was the acquisition of the Belgian midfielder Eden Hazard. The player has already managed to become one of the main stars of the Chelsea team.
In addition, the team managed a number of successful transfers, which allowed it to become a contender for the Champions League.
After the transfer ban, the Chelsea players will have a lot of interesting tasks to perform. The main one is to improve their position in the EPL standings. The club will need to strengthen the positions of the following players:
* Lichtsteiner;
* Sane;
• Matic.
All of them are important for the team’ position in EPL.
Will the team be able not to miss the Champions league?
Of the three main clubs in the English Premier League, Chelsea is the only one that can not compete with Manchester City in the Champions’ League. However, the Citizens have a long list of players that can be purchased, and they will not have a hard time in the transfer market.
It is also worth noting that the team will not miss the chance to enter the Champions’ League. The Citizens have already managed this in the previous season, when they were the only team that entered the group stage of the tournament.
What will the future of the club look like?
Chelsea is a club that is able to compete with the main European clubs in both domestic and international arenas. The squad of the Blues is very strong, which allows it to fight against the strongest clubs in Europe.
This season, the players of the Citizens managed to win the EFL Cup, which was a great result for the club. However this is not the only success of the players. The current season, they managed to qualify for the Europa League, and this is another successful result for them.
If the team manages to win both the Epl and the Europa league, it will be one of its best results in a long while.
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Who will be the main favorites of the Champions?
The main favorites for the fight for the champion title are Manchester City and Liverpool. The teams have a very good chance of winning the title, because they have a good bench and are able to rotate their players.
Manchester City is one of those teams that is not afraid to spend money on players. In the last few years, the squad of Pep Guardiola managed to sign a number players that has already become a part of the squad.
Among the new players that the Citizens bought, there is a number 1, a number 2, a goalkeeper, and a striker.
Despite the fact that the club managed to buy a number 5, it is still able to play in the top 4. However it is unlikely that the squad will be able compete with its rivals in the long run.

The Citizens have the following advantages over their rivals:
· Long bench. The Guardiola’ squad has a large number of experienced players who can be called on at any moment.
· Long bench of players. This allows the team to rotate its lineup.
These are the main reasons that the Guardiola� team is able not only to win, but also to be a contender in the fight against Liverpool.
Where can the team find the motivation to win?
Another important thing for the Citizens is the motivation of the leaders. The list of the most important players of Manchester City is:
• Fernandinho;
· Sergio Aguero;
● Kevin De Bruyne.
Fernandinho is the main star of the Guardiola squad. The Brazilian player is able play in almost every position of his team. The most important is the center forward position.
He is able score a lot and is able create many chances for his teammates. The attacking midfielder position is also very important for Manchester City, because it allows the club to play with a number 6.
Another player of the same class is the goalkeeper, who is able save the goals of the attacking players. De Bruyn is also able to score a goal, because he is able pass the ball to the attacking player.
Thus, the list of leaders of the Manchester City team is long and impressive.

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