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The English Premier League is one of the most popular football leagues in the world. This tournament is held every year and it is very important for fans to follow the results of the matches. However, the English Premier league is not the only football league that is popular among fans. The German Bundesliga is another popular league.

The Bundesliga is a German football league, which is played by teams from Germany. The teams are divided into two groups, which play against each other. The winner of the group advances to the next round. The Bundesliga is held once every two years. The current champion of the league is Borussia Dortmund. The club has won the champion title for the last time in 2009.
You can always follow the Bundesliga results on the website of sports statistics. The information about the matches of the Bundesliga is updated in real time. This is very convenient for fans who want to know the results as soon as they are available.
Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga
The club was founded in 1878. Dortmund is one the oldest football clubs in Germany. It was founded by the workers from Dortmund. In the first season, the club was called “Dortmund”, but it was renamed “Borussias” in 1882. Dortmund has won many trophies. The most famous one is the victory in the German championship in 1897. The team won this title for a record seven times.
In the last season, Borussia was the champion again, but this time it was not easy for the club to win the title. The main problem was the poor form of the team. The players were tired of playing in the Champions League. The fans were also disappointed with the results. The results of matches were not so good, but the fans were not satisfied with this.
This is why Dortmund won the title again. The following players were the best performers of the club:
1. Dortmund’s goalkeeper, who saved the club from the danger of losing the title for several times. He was the best goalkeeper of the time.
2. Dortmund’s striker, who scored a lot of goals.
3. The goalkeeper’s assistant, who helped the goalkeeper to save the club’ s title.
4. Defender, who was the main star of the game.
5. Goalkeeper’s assistant.
6. Coach.
7. Players.
All these people played in the team and they were the main players of the championship.
Football results of Bundesliga matches
The season of the German Bundesliga began on the 1st of August. The first matches of this season were held in the middle of August, so the fans can see the results from the first matches.
During the season, many interesting football matches are held. The English Premier team was the strongest in the first half of the season. The Royal club was able to win all the matches it played. The reason for this is the following:
* good selection of players;
* excellent teamwork;
• good training.
Fans can follow the football results of England on the site of sports information. The site provides information about all the football matches that are held in different parts of the world, which are very convenient to fans.
English Premier League table
The Royal club of England has won all the English premier league table. The clubs in the top four of the table are:
• Liverpool;
• Manchester City;
• Chelsea;
These clubs are the leaders of the Premier League. They have won the championship for the first time in the club’s history. The previous champion was Liverpool in the season 1996-97.
It is very easy to follow football results on this site. The website of the sports statistics provides the latest information about matches that take place in the Premier league. The table of the English championship is updated regularly. Fans can follow all the results on their smartphones.
Liverpool vs Manchester City
The first match of the new season of English Premier club was held between Liverpool and Manchester City. The match was held in August, and the fans saw the results for themselves. The Reds won with a score of 2:0.
Of course, the victory was not enough for the team, because it had to fight against Chelsea and Arsenal. The latter won the match with a goal scored by Aguero.
Chelsea vs Arsenal
The second match of this year’s Premier League was held with the team of Manchester City and Chelsea. The game was held on the 19th of August and the score was 2:1.
Arsenal won the game with a penalty kick. The goal was scored by Bellerin, who received the ball from the goalkeeper and shot the ball into the goal.
However, the game ended with a draw. The score was:
· 2:2;
· Arsenal;
The players of City were able to score a goal, but they were not able to convert it into a goal. The ball was deflected by Aguera and the goal was not scored.
After the game, the fans of both teams were disappointed with their results. However the fans have an opportunity to see the final result on the sports information website.
Live soccer results of all the tournaments
The new season has started, and it promises to be interesting.

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